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Nigel Cabourn Long Sleeve Crew T-Shirt Washed Blue


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Nigel Cabourn Long Sleeve Crew T-Shirt Black Navy


• Long-Sleeved
• Embroidered Arrow Logo
• Made in Portugal
• Fabric: 100% Organic Cotton

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Fit: Regular Model Height: 6'1" Model chest: 40"

This long-sleeved men’s tee is made from high-quality organic cotton. Inspired by colligate sportswear, there is a broad arrow on the front of the chest. This design trait can often be seen across Nigel Cabourn’s products and is a representation of the ‘crows’ foot’ marking used to denote military equipment and clothing up until the 1980s.

SKU: 39982Product Code: 39982-2062600
Hailed as a cult British designer, Nigel Cabourn has worked in the industry for over forty years producing collections, which are not influenced by ‘fashion’ trends but driven by inspirational stories of real people in history and vintage military, outdoor and work wear pieces.

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