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Pretty Green Paisley Embroidered T-Shirt White


Pretty Green Rourke Chest T-Shirt Black

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Pretty Green Paisley Bucket Hat Multi


• 100% Cotton
• Lightweight and durable
• Reversible design
• In-house paisley print
• Soft top and brim
• Top stitching

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The Paisley Print bucket hat is crafted from a soft durable cotton. Adorned in the Pretty Green paisley on one side and a plain dyed cotton on the reverse. The reversible style offers versatility as you can switch your look in an instant. Come rain or shine the bucket hat is a wardrobe staple and a must have for the season.

SKU: 38730Product Code: 38730-2174976
Founded in 2009 by Liam Gallagher, one of the most iconic frontmen in music, the brand unites people through a love of music and fashion. Named after a track by The Jam, Pretty Green provides simple, classic clothing with a modern twist." Since the birth of rock 'n' roll in the late 1950s, British street culture has been influencing fashion and music worldwide. Pretty Green has an authenticity borne of a deep understanding of that culture and the things that make it relevant today.

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